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People & Their Bikes

Daddy does child care!


This man in Ghana, Africa uses his bike to help his family be more productive.

This man rides the bike he got from Village Bicycle Project to move his family more efficiently in Ghana, Africa

Village Bicycle Project teaches girls to ride and care for their new bikes in Sierra Leone, Africa

Susana uses the bike she got from Village Bicycle Project in Ghana, Africa


In Africa, men rarely take care of the children. But whenever Ntow tries to leave home on his bike, his young son begins to cry. So Ntow puts the boy in the bike's child seat and away they go to their farm, for shopping and other errands, like the community organizing that Ntow does. A side benefit is that the boy's mother is seeing relief from child care duties, enabling her to spend more time caring for the household and working in the farm.Among the many benefits in his life, Ntow's bike has caused a sublte shift in gender roles.




Nkwanta uses the bike to make life easier for the whole family. Many Africans walk hours every day carrying heavy loads. Even in the few villages where there is public transportation, the fares are very expensive and many people walk to save money.




This school girl got her bike from Brittany RIchardson, who taught over 300 school girls in Sierra Leone to ride bikes. The girl walked four miles each way to school. She will share the bike with her brother, and with other members of her family. The time she saves each day will give her more time to focus on school work, help out around the house, and help with the family farm.





Suzanna is a business women who is now able to carry millet in the basket of her bike from market to storage, and to the mill for grinding, and back to the store.  Her productivity is much greater! She has more time to do everything she needs to do, and she earns more money, too.