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Ghana & Sierra Leone


Get People on Bikes, Keep those Bikes Rolling

Village Bicycle Project has four ways we increase bike use in Africa

1. Send donated bikes
2. Teach bike maintenance
3. Support bike mechanics with better tools and spare parts
4. Address the special needs of African women and girls

VBP's programs promote bicycles as useful transportation in regions where bikes have been infrequently used. With the help of Peace Corps Volunteers, we bring bikes, riding and repair workshops to communities and people in need. We also provide tools and parts to keep bikes rolling.

Many Africans walk 2-6 hours a day. Owning a bike saves precious time and energy. Our goal is to give people the tools they need to create a better life.


A woman learns to repair her bicycle in Ghana, Africa through a Village Bicycle Project repair workshop

VBP has reapir workshops just for girls and women.

A girl poses happily with her new bike in Sierra Leone, Africa. She got her bike and learned to ride from Village Bicycle Project.

Empedal and Empower!


Brittany Richardson taught girls and women how to ride and maintain their Brittany Richardson taught girls and women how to ride and maintain their new bikes, while working with Village Bicycle Project in Sierra Leone, AfricaKadija, Mabinty, Abibatu and Ramatulai learn toride inLunsar, Sierra Leone. We know bikes helpgirls stay inschool. Studies show that the longera girl stays inschool the more likely she is tohave a higher income andfewer and healthierbabies.

Women in Sierra Leone, Africa learning to ride their new bikes provided by Village Bicycle Project


Teaching Riding, Empowering Girls & Women

While in Sierra Leone in 2009, VBP volunteer Brittany Richardson taught more than 300 youngsters (85% girls) how to ride bicycles. Brittany's work focused in the town of Lunsar and outlying villages.

 We hope to send a container of bikes to Sierra Leone in late 2010. With 500+ bikes, we will lead programs similar to those we offer in Ghana. Brittany's work assures that girls will have a head start.

You can help Sierra Leone girls get bikes!

 $25 will get one bike to a school girl, teach her to ride, and give her basic maintenance awareness. Brittany awarded bikes to enthusiastic girls who must travel as much as seven miles to school and to their family farms.