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Support the
Village Bicycle Project!

Using bikes to make life better in Ghana, Africa

Tsatsu uses his bike to transport firewood and his child, allowinghim to participate in childcare while saving hours every day. He used to walk up to 4 hours every day.

Please send a check to our treasurer:

 Village Bicycle Project
 1915 11th Ave E
 Seattle, WA 98102

Or Donate Online


Your donation sends bicycles and specialized bike tools to Africa, offsets the cost of shipping (averages $25 per bike), and enables Africans to learn bike maintenance and repair while receiving discounted bicycles.

  • $20 provide 2 sets of the 5 most popular bike tools to a village
  • $50 gives 2 bike to people in Ghana or Sierra Leone
  • $500 sponsors a one-day workshop with along with repair training for 20 people receiving half-price  bikes
  • $6000 pays the shipping costs for a container of 500 bikes




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Village Bicycle Project
is a non-profit
corporation. Donations
are tax-deductible.